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eyecojic cream model

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Eyecojic under-eye cream from the house of Optho Life Sciences (OLS) was launched in early 2020. Eyecojic-under eye cream has been formulated after intensive research and development with a team of specialist & scientists/experts dealing with eye issues. Eyecojic-under eye cream is the result of the OLS’s conscious decision to diversify its product range from pure ophthalmic products into other allied eye-related products.

OLS is a trusted indigenous name in the ophthalmic industry of India, which is committed to preserving and restoring the health of millions of people by providing a wide range of high quality, accessible and affordable products. OLS was started in the year 1973 and has a strong pan India presence now. OLS has more than 250 employees and its head office is based at Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh, India). We are an ambitious and fast-growing ophthalmology player, commercializing a wide portfolio of products. OLS is poised to grow at a rapid pace. Our promise is to deliver high-quality products and to spread innovation, knowledge, and advancement towards better eye health. OLS fosters a unique network in the ophthalmology space which enables ophthalmologists at clinics, hospitals, and medical centres to provide patients with the highest quality eye care.

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