About Us

Welcome to the World of Eyecojic

Eyecojic under eye care from the house of Optho Life Sciences care. Eyecojic has been formulated after intensive research and development with a team of specialist & scientists/experts dealing with eye issues. Eyecojic is the result of the OLS’s conscious decision to diversify its product range from pure ophthalmic products into other allied eye-related products. Eyecojic containing all natural ingredients like koijic acid and vitamin E.
Experience the power of nature’s purest solutions with exceptional purity with us and feel the extraordinary results. Our products exuberate all of the performance but none of the toxins and effectively work with your under eye and not against it to provide visible, proven, beautiful results for every dark circles. These custom-made blends optimize your skin’s ability to strengthen and repair itself and work in total synergy with the body.

All our concoctions are made with no chemicals or complex machinery involved. Our special ingredient is love & we put lots of it to provide you with products that pamper your under eyes
Our belief is that nature has a cure for everything but it’s up to us how we take it and accept it.
The quality stems from rigorous selection of ingredients and material as well as the preparation of products is done after thorough research.

About Us

OLS is a trusted indigenous name in the ophthalmic industry of India, which is committed to preserve and restore the health of millions of people by providing a wide range of high quality, accessible and affordable products.
OLS was started in the year 1973 and has a strong pan India presence now. OLS has more than 250 employees and its Head office is based at Prayagraj (Uttar Pradesh, India) and Co-operate office based at Noida (Uttar Pradesh. We are an ambitious and fast-growing ophthalmology player in today’s world, commercializing a wide portfolio of products. OLS is poised to grow at a rapid pace. Our promise is to deliver high-quality products and to spread innovation, knowledge, and advancement towards better EYE health. OLS fosters a unique network in the ophthalmology space which enables ophthalmologists at clinics, hospitals, and medical centers to provide patients with the highest quality for eye care.