Are dark circles permanent?

“Dark circles make you look tired and aged, which is not good for the days of social media” – Quote by Toshita Mody, social influencer in Delhi.

What exactly are dark circles which have bothered people through the generations and are now the bane of social media influencers like Toshita? Well, it is simply put the constriction of blood vessels in the area below the eyes results in the formation of dark circles. It can happen to any of us especially those who are not of the Caucasian race (this is because the darker skin tones are prone to hyper pigmentation around the eye area) and is bought on by a host of reasons which are listed below in the next paragraph. As we all know by now, dark circles are brought on by a range of reasons.

The one question which bothers many people is whether dark circles are permanent? The answer to the questions is yes. Dark circles become more prominent over time and with age. This is for the following reasons: the skin loses collagen, thins further around the eye, and more translucent. So effective action to battle it holistically has to be taken to ensure the circles fade away with time. Dark circles are not gender-related though women seek treatment for it more than men.

Dark circles don’t look good and affect both men and women. The reasons for the dark circles are the same for both genders: age, sun exposure, allergies, dermatitis, fatigue, and dehydration. However with the right balance of an effective under eye cream and curing the main reason for the dark circles will enable a gradual fading away of the dark circles over a period of time. Dark circles are dampeners in mood and fading them away will elevate the persona and charm of any of us.

Instead of fretting over the dark circles take effective action at the right time. Home remedies may or may not work. Therefore the best effective solution is a good under eye cream which will go to the root of the cause and fade away the circles over time. Circles don’t vanish overnight, it takes time, so you need to be patient. Please keep it in mind. And of course, keep yourself hydrated at all times and as stress-free as you can. Meditation, yoga, and deep breathing exercises are also helpful in this matter.

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