10 Mistakes You Could Be Making with Your Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Here is a list of 10 Mistakes You Could Be Making with Your Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles:

Applying too much at a time. Since the area around the eyes is relatively small, its advisable to take only an amount the size of a pea on the fingertip and apply it to each eye. Too much would lead to the area being greasy and leaving an unwanted shine on the face. Plus applying too much doesn't mean it will be more effective in any circumstances.

Applying it out of order. Do note that all products used whether on face or body have to be applied in a particular order or else they won't be able to their job for no fault of theirs. Under-eye creams are best applied last after the skincare regimen (whether in the morning or before bedtime at night) has been done with.

Using the cream on a dry surface is a mistake. Most people don't realize it but eye creams and moisturizers absorb better on damp skin as compared to dry skin. So before applying the night cream, ensure your face is still damp before dabbing it on. Wet skin seals the hydrating and other properties of the eye cream.

Applying the cream too close to the eyes. This is a big no-no and is also mentioned in all warning labels of eye cream products. We suggest the cream is at least half an inch away from where your eyes start or the eyelash line. Any closer can lead to the cream entering the eyes and leading to irritation in the least.

Massaging the cream vigorously. Being overly zealous and applying it roughly will not help the cause. It's best to apply it with a gentle tapping motion using your ring finger. The skin around the eye is delicate and fragile. Be gentle with it. Don't do overdo the rubbing or applying bit.

Not using the cream as a preventive. Most people unfortunately start using eye creams when visible signs of damage show such as puffy eyes, dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines. Why wait at all? Start the regimen and keep the area hydrated when you turn 30 years. Nourish the skin with good eye creams as preventive. Get Eyecojic under eye cream on Amazon today.

Not applying the cream in the morning. Just as you moisturize and follow a skincare routine twice a day (morning and night), the same is applicable for the under eye cream as well.

Expensive eye creams are the best. We are always under the impression that the expensive and imported under eye creams on Amazon are the best for us. No, this is a wrong assumption. Eyecojic under eye cream for dark circles is the perfect example of an affordable product doing a good job. Get one today and see its work.

Pay attention to your specific eye requirements. All eye creams are not the same and some are focussed on particular needs such as fine lines, puffy eyes, hydration, and so on. So, if you know your requirement, get an eye cream made just for the purpose. It's the best way to deal with the issue at hand.

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