4 Vitamins that help to reduce dark circles

“Those dark circles around her eyes speak volumes about the darkest demons she fights every night” – Quote by Nila.

What exactly are dark circles which afflict thousands of others of people every year? Well, it is simply put the constriction of blood vessels in the area below the eyes results in the formation of dark circles. It can happen to any of us especially those who are not of the Caucasian race (this is because the darker skin tones are prone to hyperpigmentation around the eye area) and is bought on by a host of reasons such as poor sleeping habits, Allergies, Hyperpigmentation, thinning skin under the eyes, age, smoking, and inherited genes.

Don’t despair. Help is at hand. There are healthy aides in your kitchen which will help you fight this menace. Below we have listed 4 essential Vitamins which aid in your fight against under-eye dark circles:


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Vitamin K

 Its deficiency is a common cause of under-eye circles which causes anguish to many and heartache as well. This vitamin strengthens veins and capillaries in the body. It encourages the healthy circulation of blood and is also vital for blood clotting. If the levels of this vitamin are low, capillaries may weaken and leak. Hence leading to dark circles forming under the eye where the tissues are the thinnest and need maximum protection. Besides being an ingredient in creams, it can be eaten in the form of spinach, kale, avocado, Brussels sprouts (dark green and leafy veggies).

Vitamin C

It is considered as one of the best protectors against this skin condition. It strengthens the skin, helps in building collagen to make it more supple and youthful as well as a robust circulatory system. It’s recommended not to go for creams containing Vitamin C as they are unstable when applied locally. Eat the right fruits in the right quantities to imbibe their values. Some such fruits are Indian Gooseberry (known in India as amla), kiwi, grapefruit, oranges, limes, and lemons. You could also take them as tablets and boost your immunity against colds, coughs, etc.

Vitamin A

 Looking for healthy skin, reach out for Vitamin A. It is a powerful antioxidant, host of anti-aging benefits, and fights wrinkles as well. When its levels are low, the skin becomes dull and dry, particularly around the eyes leading to dark circles and tired feel. Eat these superfoods to get your dose of Vitamin A daily - carrots, pumpkin, spinach, mangos, peaches, cantaloupes, and dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, etc. Munch on carrots, have a mango smoothie, dig into a peach, or a spinach curry.

Vitamin E

It is a strong antioxidant that protects us from free radicals that damage the body. This vitamin reduces the signs of aging and wrinkling of the skin. It is available in the form of capsules and as an ingredient in creams such as Eyecojic under-eye cream. Plus it can be consumed in the form of olives, vegetable oils, nuts, asparagus, avocado, dark leafy vegetables, wheat germ, and mangos as well.

Make these foods a part of your daily healthy diet and keep dark circles at bay. While they do their job internally slowly, Eyecojic cream will be your partner in wellness externally. Apply it daily at bedtime and slowly see a new you reveal it. You will notice a difference and so will others. Let your radiance and charm come out with a healthy dose of vitamins and the right topical cream.

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