6 Causes Of Under Eye Puffiness

“I like to bring some hydrating face oils and de-puffing eye patches in case I get puffy on the flight. I also always am sure to travel with my own silk eye mask; it's so necessary when trying to sleep on flights. “

– Quote by Devon Windsor, the young American model


Joyjit Talukdar, 45 years and an avant-garde designer of men’s clothing ran a successful clothing line and was in a good space personally. His business was on the up, he had a busy life and his bank balance was improving all the time. The only thing which bothered him to an extent was the puffiness around his eyes, which gave him a swollen sullen look and seemed as if he was drinking all the time. To avoid such rumor-mongering it was imperative for him to address it and he did in the form of a lovely cream which worked its magic on him.


What are the reasons for the puffy eyes? Let us examine in some detail.

1. Lack of sleep is an important reason. Excessive cortisol secreted from your adrenal glands can alter the salt balance in your body; when this balance is not correct, it leads to water retention and swelling in the eye area.

2. Allergies are another reason for puffy eyes. When a body is under attack from the allergy, it releases histamine into the body causing inflammation around the eyes to some people. Touching the eyes during allergic itch triggers further puffiness. So please don’t itch and go for an allergy test to see what triggers your allergies, so you can take remedial action.

3. With age, water tends to swell in the below eye area leading to puffiness.

4. Be aware of sodium-rich food as they lead to puffiness as they encourage water retention in the body.

5. Your genes play a role too. Some people have hereditary excess fat pads beneath their eyes which lead to the appearance of puffy eyes.

6. Sensitive skin when disturbed with harsh chemicals, medicines, and cosmetics becomes inflamed and becomes puffy.


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How to get rid of them

1. Use a great under eye cream for puffy eyes. Many under eye creams are in the market such as Eyecojic which works wonders. Buy a tube today and see the difference.

2. Get lots of sleep. Undisturbed sleep for 6-7 hours a day works miracles. Try it.

3. Eat less of sodium-rich food.

4. You can try some home remedies such as cold compresses of tea bags and cucumbers.


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There are solutions to all problems. Eyecojic Under eye cream for puffy eyes are affordable and within the reach of all of us. Reach out to a pharmacy today and try it out. Its simple ingredients start its work right away. Puffy eyes need concerted holistic effort to get rid permanently like Joyjit Talukdar the designer did. If he can make the effort to get rid of them, so can you. Bring back the sparkle in your face and eyes today with good riddance to puffy eyes.

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