6 must ingredients in under eye cream for dark circles

If you are suffering from under eye dark circles for any reason and its making you look tired & dull, maybe its time for you to take quick action. By quick action, we mean heading over to your nearest pharmacy or e-commerce site like Amazon to purchase a tube of the finest Under eye cream on amazon. Before making the intended purchase, it is always best to check the ingredients which go into making such creams. Since so many creams exist with different claims and ingredients. To make your life easier while browsing, we have noted down 6 must ingredients in under eye cream for dark circles that are effective. Look out for these ingredients.

Kojic acid

Kojic Acid is a natural ingredient, widely used as a skin whitening agent to decrease hyperpigmentation and even skin tone. Kojic acid is a chelation agent created by several species of fungi (more familiar to us as mushrooms), such as Aspergillus oryzae, otherwise known as koji in the Japanese language. It acts as a tyrosinase inhibitor, and effectively reduce natural melanin production that causes Hyper-pigmentation. By reducing Melanin production, kojic acid gradually fades away dark circles. It acts as an effective antioxidant and antibacterial thus boosts the nourishment under the eye.

Vitamin E

It is a strong antioxidant that protects us from free radicals that damage the body. This vitamin reduces the signs of aging and wrinkling of the skin. It is available in the form of capsules and as an ingredient in creams such as Eyecojic under eye cream for dark circles. Plus it can be consumed in the form of olives, vegetable oils, nuts, asparagus, avocado, dark leafy vegetables, wheat germ, and mangos as well


Known as the building blocks of life, peptides can play a role in the production of collagen by boosting its production. Collagen as we know keeps the skin supple and young-looking.


The Arnica montana plant provides us with the herb Arnica which comes from its petals. It has an essential oil that contains thymol which aids the flow of blood in the body. This is achieved by dilating the blood vessel walls. This results in the unplugging of the trapped blood and fluids. It is thus a useful ingredient in dealing with dark circles.


It is derived from the beautiful blue passionflower. It aids the production of an enzyme called UGT1A1. This enzyme assists in removing iron deposits and pigmented bilirubin which lead to the formation of dark circles under the eyes. Since it also helps in reducing puffy eyes, it is a popular ingredient in under-eye creams.


It is made from Vitamin A. It helps in fading discoloration below the eyes, puffiness and makes the skin in that area supple. It helps in the production of collagen which keeps the skin supple and youthful.


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Keep our suggested list of ingredients handy when you surf for an Under eye cream on Amazon or visit a neighborhood store for under eye cream for dark circles. Be informed and make informed choices. Knowledge is power in your hands.

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