6 reasons why you have under eye dark circles

“Before I was ever in high school, I had dark circles under my eyes” – Quote by Benicio De Toro, Peruvian Actor”.

Just as Dark circles bothered the actor, are they also bothering you? Do you have to hide them under tons of concealer? Don’t know what is causing them or how to get rid of them. Well, we have listed some important causes of dark circles which vary in nature. One of these or a combination could be causing you or a loved one to suffer from them. Read them to see which could be the reason for you’re botheration.


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Here is a list of top 6 causes of dark circles:


Tough Luck! This is something you can inherit from one of your parents and cannot be avoided. Hereditary gene-makeup does play a role for some people. Dark circles run in the families just as premature graying of the hair or other inherited conditions.


It’s not very often common knowledge that allergies created the setting for the onset of dark circles in some cases. Allergies often trigger histamines in the body which cause blood vessels to dilate," explains Dr. David Bank of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic  Laser Surgery in New York State, USA. The skin tissue in the eye region is the thinnest reflects the swollen blood vessels easily thus giving rise to dark circles. So go for an allergy test to root out this cause if you feel it is causing it.

Poor Sleep habits

Lack of sleep is a major cause of dark circles. Tiredness and fatigue cause the vessels to swell and the skin to become dull & pale. Therefore uninterrupted sleep for at least 6-7 hours a day in a proper sleeping cycle is a must. There is no alternative to good night sleep. So if you have sleep disorders or finding it hard to sleep properly, get medical help right away. It will do you wonders.


If the area underneath the eyes gives a bluish tinge, blame it on the veins. The veins make the area appear darker and leading you to believe it is dark circles. There is no cure for this problem. It’s your body with its shades of coloring.


The giver of life to planet earth is also a top cause for dark circles. Exposure to the sun without adequate protection in terms of sunglasses or sunblock products causes damage in the form of dilation and increased blood flow, the result is dark circles. So you know what to do next time you head out of your homes. Take precautions and avoid dark circles.


Dermatitis also is known as Eczema is known to be another top cause of the dark circle problem. Chronic rubbing of the eye areas does cause the development of dark circles and thickened skin. So what is the remedy? Go to a family doctor or a skin specialist. Get yourself treated right away.


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