A quick guide to collagen

“Skin is made in large measure of a protein called collagen.” – Quote by Michael Behe, American biochemist, and author.
“she, who in a moment of self-realization, looked in the mirror & saw that the lips that she was shuffled accidentally by evolution (just as you got big feet & the next got deep brown eyes) were not up to code in her book, that is, she decided that her life, in general, would improve & possibly become more of an overall positive matter if she took it upon herself to get collagen injected into her lips. – Lines of a poem written by Andrew Delapruch.

The lines from the above poem reveal the power of collagen in making us feel better on a cosmetic level. Collagen is now a part of the everyday talk in beauty circles and dermatologists and pharma companies in the beauty trade.  Models, stars, celebrities, and influencers have been using collagen in various forms to enhance their beauty and youthful appearance for long. It’s now that the collagen is becoming a buzzword among ordinary people who want to look good on a daily basis and keep signs of aging at bay.


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Here in this blog, we explain about collagen to the uninitiated. To begin with, it is a protein found in large amounts in our bodies in bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. It aids in keeping parts of our body fit together as well as the strength of our bones and skeleton. The good thing about Collagen is that the more you have it in your body, it more it produces and maintains its consistency and effectiveness. Listed below are some of the many benefits of this protein known as Collagen.

The many benefits of Collagen are:

  1.  It vastly improves skin health
  2.  It help relieves joint pains
  3. Prevents bone loss
  4. Boots muscle mass
  5. Promotes heart health

Here are some ways to boost collagen levels in your body:


  1. Aloe vera applied topically or ingested orally
  2.  Food rich in Vitamin C such as oranges, red peppers, kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, guava, lime, Indian gooseberry (known locally as Amla) and strawberries
  3.  Ginseng in the form of supplement or tea
  4.  Cilantro leaves also known as Coriander (Dhania)  consumed locally
  5.  Algae marine plant in the form of oral supplements

For those planning to take collagen supplements, here is a small piece of advice. It can
cause allergic reactions and joint pains in some. Therefore consult your doctor always. Those allergic to seafood or meat products should vary from collagen supplements.


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It must be stated that if the collagen levels in the body are in good quantity then the body has a youthful and strong aura and charm. One of the easiest ways to get collagen is to purchase creams based on collagen as the main ingredient. If you ask a good family physician, pharmacy, or research online you will find plenty of options. Be respectful to your body, soul, and mind, nurture, and nourish it well and it will be your friend for life. A younger you is in your hands, take care of the temple that we all have – our bodies.

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