Can Makeup give you Under Eye Dark Circles

Makeup giving rise to dark circles. Seems incongruous, no? Well yes, it’s possible that the beauty products used to make you look good can also be the cause of this unwanted visual condition. Read on about the top causes of the emergence of dark circles and get better informed.

Here is a list of top causes of dark circles:

  1. Genetics – Hereditary gene-makeup does play a role for some people. Dark circles run in the families just as premature graying of the hair or other inherited conditions.
  2. Allergies – It’s not very often common knowledge that allergies created the setting for the onset of dark circles in some cases.
  3. Poor Sleep habits – Lack of sleep is a major cause of dark circles. Tiredness and fatigue cause the vessels to swell and the skin to become dull & pale.
  4. Veins – If the area underneath the eyes gives a bluish tinge, blame it on the veins. The veins make the area appear darker and leading you to believe it is dark circles.
  5. Sun – Exposure to the sun without adequate protection in terms of sunglasses or sunblock products cause damage in the form of dilation and increased blood flow, the result is dark circles. Under Eye Cream for Women combined with sunblock is a good deterrent.
  6. Dermatitis – Dermatitis also known as Eczema is known to be another cause of the dark circle problem.
  7. Makeup products – Certain makeup products used on the face or around the eye region such as kohl, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, concealer, or blush can have an adverse reaction. This allergic reaction may cause the appearance of dark circles or if they already exist, then to make them even more prominent. So, if you feel on first usage irritation or sense something is not right, stop using the product immediately. If the effects are bad, then seek professional medical help.

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To manage the dark circles caused by any of the above reasons, start using an excellent Under Eye Cream for Women such as Eyecojic. It is known to be effective in fading these unwanted dark circles. The power is with you to look & feel good with the natural goodness of Eyecojic.

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