Can Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles Causes Milia

Milia are defined as tiny cysts that form due to the buildup of keratin under the skin. Ther are common on the face especially the region around the eyes. They should not be confused with acne or pimples. They are also informally also referred to as  "milk spots" on accounts of their colouring which is white, yellow, or even the skin tone of the person afflicted with it. Keratin is the body gives strength to the skin, nails, and hair.  When skin cells die in the pores, the keratin remains trapped inside forming little cysts or milia.


The reasons for milia can be trauma, genetics, sun exposure, or a skin cosmetic procedure. There has been no clear reason as to why some get it and others do not. There is a myth floating around that under eye cream for dark circles cause milia. This is false. Under-eye creams have no direct linkage to it. Certain cosmetic products used on the face contain occlusive ingredients which might be the cause of milia.  Occlusive ingredients hydrate the skin and form a layer on top of your existing skin layers/barrier. They can be a deterrent in the human body's natural exfoliation process.


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Thus products with mineral oil, beeswax, lanolin, and vegetable wax are best avoided as they come under the bracket of occlusive ingredients. Most under eye cream for dark circles do not contain these ingredients so it is safe to use them. Before buying an under eye cream, always read up on its ingredients and their properties. Make an informed choice and be safe.


For treatment, it is best to visit a good dermatologist who will advise chemical exfoliation. These exfoliants are absorbed by the skin and act on different layers at the same time. They prevent the buildup of milia cysts as well. The other treatments include manual extraction, laser ablation to open the pores, or cryotherapy to freeze & destroy the milia.


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