Consulting dermatologist before using under eye cream for dark circles

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Mannu Kohli of Delhi, a musician popular in Delhi music circles kept her self fit and healthy with a strict regimen. However, no one can keep the visible signs of aging from making an appearance along with dark circles under the eyes. With her sensitive skin, Mannu was apprehensive about medical treatments as well as specialty Under eye cream on amazon which might cause her medical issues. In desperation, she turned to her neighborhood skin specialist who consulted in detail with her and gave her a list of under eye cream for dark circles which would be suitable for people with skin sensitivity or allergies. She is happy she consulted with a doctor before applying the wrong cream for her and landing with unwanted health issues.


If like Mannu you have skin conditions or sensitive skin, its always best to consult a good dermatologist (in other words a skin doctor) in your city for recommendations for under eye cream for dark circles. Based on an analysis or even tests, they would be a good source of information for your exact requirements and skin goals.


“I do recommend eye creams,” says Dr. Jodi Ganz, Piedmont health care in the USA. “The skin of the under-eye area is very sensitive. Many of the products we use elsewhere on the face — such as retinol — would not do well for this area. I usually recommend products that are hydrating without being irritating.”


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