Dark Circles Due To Blue Light

“ Blue light disrupts your sleep cycle, don’t let. Gain mastery over these devices “– Quote by Samir Ray, a life coach in Poona.

Dark Circles are symptomatic of the harried lifestyle and the busy schedules we are leading. More and more people are now complaining of dark circles in large numbers, due to a variety of factors such as lack of sleep, stress, and so on. Now adding to this list is the infamous “blue rays” emitted by all types of electronic devices. Artificial light or blue light has become the modern-day bane of our existence. Be it light pollution in big cities which prevents us to see the beautiful night sky in all its glory or the blue light which disrupts sleep cycles. We all need to be aware of the hazards of blue light, sleep cycle, and long term ill effects on health.

Yes, blue lights are the indirect cause of the presence of dark circles in people. This is because the blue lights emitted by various electronic devices throws the body clock off balance and make it confused. The blue light mimics the natural daylight and makes the body think it is the day, so it should be active and up. Thus, the impact of the Melatonin hormone which induces a restful state of mind for sleep goes for a toss.

As we all know, lack of sleep is one of the reasons for the appearance of dark circles, so blue light from devices adds to the problem. The only solution for such a situation is to impose self-discipline. Two hours or so before heading to your bedroom for sleep, detach yourself from all viewing devices including the omnipresent TV. Do you know in many households around the world TVs are banned in the sleeping rooms by concerned family members because of the many concerns arising out of them.

Try to follow this routine daily every night along with the topical application of an Under Eye Cream to see the difference in your lives. A good Under Eye Cream will minimize/fade the dark circles over time while the restricted time on electronic devices at night will ensure a restful night of sleep which is critical for the well-being of all, adults and children.

Let the devices make your life easier, not harm your health. This should be your mantra.

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