Do Men Use Under Eye Creams

Rahul Banerji residing in South Delhi leads a very stressful life and sleep is at a premium because of the various concerns. This has resulted in the emergence of dark circles over time. Initially, he was not bothered by the appearance and took it in his stride. However, as they continued to darken and mar his looks, Rahul got concerned. He tried all sorts of home remedies recommended by various well-meaning people but to no effect. Then he began to search for various under eye cream for men in the market. The pharmacies have plenty of Dark circle cream for men and he tried some to see their work and others he could not because of their pricing. Unfortunately, nothing was working till a friend told him about “Eyecojic” a new revolutionary product that was very economically priced and targeted in its approach. He quickly went to a good pharmacy and started using it every night. Lo, behold, within a few weeks the dark circles began to fade. Rahul is today a happy man, thanks to Eyecojic.


Do men prefer under eye cream for dark circles like Rahul or is he an exception to men in the sense he is concerned about his facial appearance? Well as we know the dark circles don’t discriminate on the basis of gender. Man or woman both are afflicted by this in equal numbers and both need to take adequate care for the same. Appearances in general life, social life or work are important and boost the morale of a person. Therefore if men have issues with dark circles then they need to opt for under eye cream for men.


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There are some myths that need to be busted which are listed below:

1. There is separate Dark circle cream for men. This is a myth. Under-eye creams work on both genders the same way.

2. Another myth is that any moisturizer can be used for that part of that body

3. A third myth is that applying the under eye cream for men liberally does the trick. The fact is that it is not. The cream is too much for the sensitive skin to absorb and can lead to imbalances in the skin.


Using an under eye cream for men does not make anyone less of a man. It is a solution for a dermatological problem that can affect the morale and energy of a person. If there are dark circles and you don’t look good, a man will feel down, depressed, upset, and sad. Plus since we are living in the dark of social media and Instagram, everyone wants to look good; whether a man is a movie star, banker, IT guy, or a doctor.


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So the question do men prefer eye cream for dark circles is finally redundant. More and more men are now opening up to such creams in large numbers around the world including India. Does your facial appearance and look matter enough to you to make the move.

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