Do you really need an under eye cream

Good eye cream is really important when you are traveling, busy and stressed—that’s when the dark puffy circles can get you."- Quote by leading actress Kate Winslet.
The world is divided into two groups – the believers and the non-believers. In the post, we are not looking at the world from some profound, life-changing, or stressful debate. No madam, no Sir, we are not. We are going to be discussing the use of under-eye cream, and the way it has split the world right down the middle since time immemorial.  The big debate for decades has been - Do we really need to use under eye cream?
The believers are particular in their beauty care daily regimen and take all precautions to keep their eye area, shiny, bright, and supple. The others or the non-believers as they are called feel that the use of simple moisturizers will do the trick. Where do you stand on this debate? Tell me, is applying simple body lotion and moisturizer going to do the trick for specific body parts which need extra nurturing and care. I truly do not think so. As all our fingers are not the same size, nor can one product work for the entire body. For specific parts such as lips, under-eye area, etc one needs to be more focused and use special products formulated to deal with them.


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The area around the eyes is sensitive, fragile, and fine. Any health issues will show up around the eye in the form of dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and with the age of course wrinkles called “crow’s feet”. As eyes are on our faces and we must look our best at all times, it is imperative we treat their appearance with the right products, diet, beauty regimen at all times. Specific under eye creams have been formulated by various firms because there is a demand and they serve a mighty purpose. Leading publication Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (a medical journal started in 2002) states that as per studies some anti-aging eye treatments aid in the improvement of under-eye smoothness and minimize the intensity of larger wrinkles. Appearances matter for all of us, whether for wedding videos, holiday pictures, or social media posts.  So if these creams are doing their work, you are a believer and if you are still skeptical then you are a non-believer.

 So if you are a believer, start using cream when you are in the 30s. Buy the one which fits your budget and contains any of these great ingredients: Vitamin E, retinol, Vitamin C, peptides, ceramides, and naturally derived Kojic acid. Follow the instructions listed by the product on its packaging and notice over time the difference they do on the face especially the crucial under eye area.


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 So are you still a non-believer and a skeptic? Try our Eyecojic cream and convert into a firm believer in under-eye creams like hundreds of others. Join the force of Eyecojic eye warriors who believe in putting their best foot forward at all times. More power to you and your under eye cream.

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