Hereditary Dark Circles

“Human beings are ultimately nothing but carriers-passageways- for genes. They ride us into the ground like racehorses from generation to generation “ – Quote by Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

Young Rajesh Verma of South Delhi is a bright boy in a leading public school. He is doing well in academics, active in sports, and popular with other kids. The only thing bothering this boy with a growing social media presence was dark circles which marred his fine appearance. He had always had them as long as he could remember. It’s only while reading up on the issue he realized he had probably received the dark circles from his father. So, in order to look his best, he began to apply an Under Eye Cream for Men. The cream gradually over time made the dark circles reduce their intensity so that it was bearable for him and made him Instagram worthy.

Did you know that dark circles can be inherited from your parents? Surprised? If you are nodding yes, then do note it’s true. There are such things as hereditary dark circles where you get passed on dark circles via your mother or father’s gene makeup. This gene causes the appearance of dark discoloration otherwise known as dark circles. It distinguishes itself from others with dark circles, in the sense that it manifests itself from childhood.

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People with hereditary dark circles have faced questions all their lives about “looking tired”, “are you well” and so on. It can be quite irritating, to say the least especially if you have faced such probing questions from well-meaning people on a regular basis. No matter how much sleep they got, the dark circles would also mark their appearance.

Since it's hereditary nothing much can be done about altering the gene code, therefore the best ally in this situation is a great Under Eye Cream for Men. These creams with their special formulations are geared to minimize / Fade the intensity of the circles. Join the growing user base of Eyecojic under eye cream meant exclusively for dark circles, puffy eyes, and fine lines.

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