How to Add New Under Eye Cream to Your Skin Care Routine

“ Skincare is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure.” – Quote by Karen Grant.

When you have brought a new beauty/skincare product such as an under eye cream, it's always good to follow certain steps to ensure that it fits in well with your skin and is an asset to your skincare routine. To help you along this journey, we have assembled some steps to follow to ensure the smooth adoption of the under-eye cream. This will only benefit you and just you.


Here are some suggested steps on How to Add New Under Eye Cream to Your Skin Care Routine:

Do a patch test

A patch test is a term that may not be familiar to some. It means testing any new product on a small patch of your body says for example the hand. This is to see how the body reacts to the product specifications. If the body does not take kindly to it for any reason, you know the under eye cream purchased is not right for you. This patch test may have to be done for a few days before the same can be applied in the intended part of the body such as the region around the eyes.

Stick to one product

If you are using multiple products and your skin is reacting with allergic reactions / negatively, you will not be able to nail down the offending product. Hence, stick to one under eye cream at all times, even if you trying one out for the first time just to be safe.

Give the Under Eye Cream time

As per the normal practice, give the under Eye Cream some time to work its magic. Never expect instant results. Slow and steady wins the race. Start expecting results after a couple of weeks only.


The above three steps are the right way to add a promising product to your life. The right steps are the best steps.

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