Is Steaming good for dark circles or an Under Eye Cream

“ Skincare is essential; makeup is a choice, make good choices. “ – Quote on the internet.

There are many myths floating around the internet regarding dark circles that naïve or gullible people fall for and thus not helping their cause. Here in this blog, we shall look at some of these myths and debunk them for you.


Steaming and hot baths are good

Steaming doesn’t do anything for dark circles. It is just meant to open the pores of the skin and the air passages to help people with various chest related health issues. The same goes for hot baths. Hot baths are anyways never advised because they strip the body of its natural oils leading to premature aging, scaling, and dry skin. The best thing you can do for your eye region is to invest money in a good under eye cream like Eyecojic from the house of Optho Life Sciences.


Moisturizers work on dark circles

Most people feel that applying moisturizer daily will do the work of fading away dark circles. This is again a myth as there is no connection between the two. You need specially formulated creams to do the trick work on the sensitive and light skin tissues in the region. So keep lotions and moisturizers for the body and a special under eye cream for dark circles, fine lines, and puffy eyes.


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Dark circles are curable

There is no cure but there are solutions. Using a good under Eye Cream for Dark Circles is the way to go. With their effectiveness and formulation, they fade these circles over time.


Dark circles are normal

The widespread prevalence of under-eye dark circles has led to the rise of this myth which is false. It’s not normal and is generally due to a trigger factor that differs from person to person.


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We hope this blog is of some help and brought clarity on this topic. Knowledge is power and more to you. Try our easily available on the e-commerce sites and affordable Eyecojic under eye cream for dark circles, puffy eyes, and wrinkle

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