Myths About Under Eye Cream For Men

Macho men don’t use any beauty products, men are men! How we have come so far from those days when men only used shampoo, hair oil, soap, and toothpaste for their daily grooming. Now day’s men are more conscious of their looks. They are going to the gym to work on their bodies, taking protein supplements, buying and using a wide range of toiletries & cosmetics for looking good, and going to salons for the works including beard maintenance. The consciousness of the 21st century has touched the pores of the men, who are now competing with women for their vanity.


The need to look good, feel, and photograph well has entered all spheres of their lives, our lives, your lives. More men are turning to Under Eye Cream for Men to maintain their fine features and look in this day of filters, Instagrams, and social media influencers.


In this blog, we shall examine the issue of myths, men, and under-eye cream for men. Here goes:


Men don’t need under-eye creams

How untrue is this? Wrong! Men or women both need under eye creams to take care of the delicate skin around the eyes, which starts showing signs of aging & ill-health very soon such as puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles. Men especially need it more as they smoke, drink, consume less water, neglect themselves, and get stressed faster.


Moisturizers will do the job

Another myth busted. Moisturizers do their work on layering a protective moisturizing layer on the epidermis. They can never replace the work of specially formulated under eye cream for men. The special ingredients in the under-eye creams work on the delicate tissue and blood vessels to make the skin look supple, young, and fresh.


Any under eye cream will do

There are many eye creams that claim to work miracles and fancy advertising enforces the same. Your skin is your temple; nourish it with the right products derived from nature, using natural ingredients like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Kojic acid. Be selective and do your research well. Don’t buy in haste and repent later.


We hope that these above-mentioned myths are busted for good. Men are taking care of their r bodies, mind, and souls more than ever. So, why should the eyes which are the gateway to the soul and the most important sensory organ be undernourished or neglected?

About the Author

Rashi Agarwal

Rashi Agarwal, is a beauty blogger and a home-maker. She writes about beauty related topics. She has keen interest in researching on various beauty products and their impact on the skin. She also likes learning about the skin and it’s reaction to its surroundings.