Myths about under eye dark circles

The issue of under eye dark circles is an ancient one but it has gained momentum in the modern age. A number of factors can cause under eye dark circles and the need to look good in the click age of social media makes it an issue of the masses. Nobody wants to look bad on Instagram or Facebook as the pictures are therefore eternity for all to see. As with all health issues, a number of myths surround this issue.


In this blog, we shall talk bust some of these myths and reveal the truth for all to know.


Myth 1 The only factor causing them is lack of sleep

Reality – There are a wide gamut of factors which cause the appearance of the darkened areas such as genetics, allergies, sun exposure, Dermatitis as well as stress. Lack of sleep is just one of the many factors which cause the same. So if you have under eye dark circles, look for different reasons which could be the main cause in your particular case.

Myth 2 Sun exposure will improve the condition

Reality – It’s a widely held believe that exposure to sun will reduce these circles. This is a myth. Sun exposure enables the appearance of dark circles as well as other skin related issues such as premature aging as well as dehydration of the skin and other skin conditions. Good sun block products and sunglasses are a must if spending long periods in the sun.

Myth 3 Its curable.

Reality – There is no cure but there are solutions. Using a good Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles is the way to go. With their effectiveness and formulation, they fade these circles over time.

Myth 4 Eating less salt will cure dark circles

Reality – Eating a sodium less or free diet will not cure or remove the problem. This type of diet does not address the reasons causing the appearance of the dark circles.

Myth 5 Laser therapy is best

Reality – Laser therapy does not deal with the root of the problem such as volume loss under the skin which causes the same to appear.

Myth 6 Dark skin below the eyes is normal

Reality – The wide spread prevalence of under eye dark circles has led to the rise of this myth which is false. It’s not normal and is generally due to a trigger factor which differs from person to person.


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As you can see, many myths swirl around this issue and we have busted some of them as we believe information is the key to wellness.

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