Treatments For Eye Dark Circles And Wrinkles PART IV

In this fourth part of our blog series, we shall look at a second medical treatment for under-eye dark circles. We are talking about laser therapy. Laser therapy is used in a host of medical conditions, so we are not surprised that it is also being used nowadays in the treatment of dark circles. Let’s read a little bit more about it in this blog.


Laser Treatment

Here heat energy is used to vapourise damaged cells. Specialists use a laser to target the darker pigment. Thus there is a lightening of the skin tone as well as the production of Collagen as well. Laser beams are moved over the skin surfaces gently plus removing away unnecessary cells, one layer at a time.

There are two types of lasers treatments for dark circles:

  1. Ablative lasers do away with the outer layers of skin that contain excess melanin, and stimulate the blood vessels in that area.
  2. Non-ablative lasers make the skin taut by enabling additional collagen production.

Choosing a doctor / specialist to perform this treatment is a delicate task as only those with prior experience need to be selected as strict safety measures need to be adhered to as we are dealing with the sensitive eye region. Dr. Gene Rubinstein, a board-certified dermatologist in the USA says “Over-treating this skin may lead to more pigmentation resulting from inflammation”. There are various types of laser treatments available in the market performed by specialist doctors for the issue of under-eye dark circles.


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Please note that each type of laser is suited to a different type of dark eye circles, therefore right identification of your dark circles will make a marked difference in the treatment.

Laser treatment is one of the main procedures popular among celebrities worldwide for a host of skin issues such as wrinkles, puffy eyes, scars, etc.

Some risks of this laser treatment do include allergic reactions to anesthesia, burns, or blisters, as well as abnormal pigmentation or infection. As with all medical treatments, this does not come cheap. So keep in mind safety and pocket-friendly issues before opting for this line of treatment.


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