What to prefer Eye Cream or Eye Serum

“A good eye cream is always important when you are traveling, busy and stressed”- Quote by Hollywood actress Kate Winslet, of the Titanic film fame.

Neetu Singh of Delhi and an HR executive with an IT company works every day like a soldier ant (morning to night) to take care of her home, family, and her rising career. She is always on the move with a hectic schedule, and little sleep, and always on the edge. Over a period, she began to notice the darkening of the skin below her eyes. This unnerved her as she had always prided herself on her looks and beauty. Jolted by their appearance, she began to try a host of remedies suggested by various well-meaning relatives.

Some of the relatives suggested eye serums and others suggested Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles. She had not used any before so she wasn’t sure which was better, and more value for her money. As she wanted to get it right the first time around. She turned to the World Wide Web for information on the two different types of products. As you know an informed choice is the best choice.

Eye cream or eye serum: some distinguishing features

  1. Serums are fluid and silky in texture as compared to an Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles which is thicker and creamier in texture, and to touch.
  2. Serums absorb faster into the skin and due to their texture don’t leave any residue on the skin, whereas creams take a longer time to get absorbed.
  3. Serums unfortunately are not as emollient for the skin as compared to the richer and creamier eye creams. So, for this aspect, most people prefer to go with creams in the long run as it makes the skin feel more hydrated, supple, and smooth.
  4. Serums also, tend to come with a heftier price tag as compared to eye creams. Look at Eyecojic under eye cream, the pricing is so economical that no serum can compare to its price-wise.

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With more people (men and women) using under eye creams than ever before, the market has a flood of products claiming miracles and whatnot. Be wise and invest in a good eye cream like Eyecojic which is made from naturally derived ingredients, by a renowned optha company and is easy on the pocket.

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