When To Start Using An Under Eye Cream

“His eyes are so intense I want to look away . . . or never look away, I can’t decide.”

 ― Kasie West, The Distance Between Us.


Eyes are our gateway to the world as one of the 5 primary senses of the body; the other four beings are nose, ears, tongue, and skin. We need to take good care of our eyes at all times. Hence it is always recommended to visit a good eye doctor twice a year for a check-up as well as eat foods rich in Vitamin A which are beneficial for eyes. As youngsters, you must have been told by your mothers and grandmothers to eat carrots for good eye power. Well, it is true, Vitamin A in carrots is beneficial for eyes. So start munching.


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One needs to take care of the eyes internally and externally. It’s only then the eyes will serve us optimally all our lives. In this blog, we are looking at taking care of our eyes externally in the form of the use of under-eye cream. As a part of our daily routine (men or women), we need to include eye cream products as well. The question which boggles most people is - When can you start using under eye cream?


The answer to When can you start using under eye cream is quite simple. Dr. Monica Li, a dermatologist and clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia’s Department of Dermatology and Skin Science says” “An eye cream can be started anytime”. As per her, as one grows up under eye cream can be made part of the daily routine. This doesn’t mean you start when you are in your 20s. The 30s would be a good place to start.


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Gift yourself a well-planned eye nourishing regimen every night when you turn to your 30s. Buy a great under eye cream for dark circle & Wrinkles within your budget and with great ingredients and start using it as per the company’s instructions. If using at night, make sure your face is cleansed with a good gentle face cleanser and free of any cosmetics such as mascara, foundation, etc.


This regimen of the Dark circle removal cream or for that matter under eye cream for women must be done daily as per instruction besides keeping the body hydrated, stress-free plus the consumption of food rich in collagen, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and E. Simrin Kaur, 46 years old and a former flight attendant with an international airline says “dark circles and puffy eyes are a strict no-no for cabin crew hence we need to take all precautions to keep them at bay including the use of various Under eye cream for dark circle.


So if you are above 30 and have not started on an eye care regimen, why wait - start now. This applies to men too - start using an under eye cream for men. Wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles can be fought overtime, start your fight against them now with a great Dark circle removal cream. What are you waiting for?

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