Which vitamin deficiency causes dark circles

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Are you aware that deficiencies in certain vitamins can cause dark circles? If you are shaking head in the negative, then you are not the only one. Most people are not aware of the connection between dark circles, poor health, and vitamins in the body being in low amounts. Here you will find a list of some vitamins that play a big role in the vitality and beauty of the eyes area. We call them the CAKE vitamins and you will see why. Read carefully, pay heed, and turn your health around.


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Below we have listed 4 essential Vitamins whose deficiency can cause dark circles:


Vitamin C – It is considered as one of the best protectors against this skin condition. It strengthens the skin, helps in building collagen to make it more supple and youthful as well as a robust circulatory system.


Vitamin A – Looking for healthy skin, reach out for Vitamin A. It is a powerful antioxidant, host of anti-aging benefits, and fights wrinkles as well. When its levels are low, the skin becomes dull and dry, particularly around the eyes leading to dark circles and tired feel.


Vitamin K – Its deficiency is a common cause of under-eye circles which causes anguish to many and heartache as well. This vitamin strengthens veins and capillaries in the body. It encourages the healthy circulation of blood and is also vital for blood clotting. If the levels of this vitamin are low, capillaries may weaken and leak. Hence leading to dark circles forming under the eye where the tissues are the thinnest and need maximum protection.


Vitamin E – It is a strong antioxidant that protects us from free radicals that damage the body. This vitamin reduces the signs of aging and wrinkling of the skin.


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All of the CAKE(C, A, K, and E) vitamins mentioned above are inter-related to the issue of dark circles. The best part is that they can be consumed in the form of fresh fruits and veggies available with your local greengrocer or supermart. Plus, they are also available the pharmacies in the form of pills, tablets, and syrups. So if you have a deficiency of any of these vitamins, you can just include the foods that contain them as well take vitamin pills to overcome their deficiency in your system.


Health instructor Sanjeev Das says “Vitamins are the powerhouses of our bodies and we need to nourish our body, soul, and mind with them on a daily basis with the guidance of a doctor”. I hope you make these vitamins a part of your daily life so that you don’t have to worry too much about your appearance, dark circles, and vitality of life.

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