Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy from Amazon India website or with us directly.
We directly ship our product from the factory to Amazon warehouses. There is no third party involvement or risk of counterfeit products being sold.
Optho Life Sciences is a leading ophthalmic specialty pharmaceutical company since 1973 manufacturing a range of high quality eye care products. The launch of Eyecojic brand in 2020 is a step in broadening its product range in allied verticals.
It takes around 3 months to treat dark circles, if used continuously.

Eyecojic under eye care having natural ingredients – Vitamin E and Kojic Acid

Eyecojic is used for:

1. To Lighten the dark circles
2. Rejuvenates the tired eyes
3. Corrects the fine lines around the eyes
4. Strengthens & protects the delicate eye area

Eyecojic under eye care doesn’t have any side effects, as the composition of Eyecojic under eye care is natural.

Yes it can be used under makeup and daytime also, but avoid direct sun contact after application.

Yes, it is suitable for all types of skin.
Eyecojic has natural ingredients – Vitamin E and Kojic acid
No, we are not a supporter of animal testing. We have clinically tested on humans with patch testing to ensure that our product do not causes allergy.
It is economically priced thus within the reach of the common man
100% yes, we make sure that the product that goes in the market cis clinically test with patch testing. Note: As humans, we have different skin types and our skin reacts to the product differently, we recommend to test the product by applying on the wrist.