How to manage dry skin around eyes?

Dry, itchy, flaky skin around eyes in winters? We feel you. They could be super annoying and awkward. Does your regular moisturizer help in this case? Umm…maybe not.
The skin around eyes is very soft, subtle and comparatively thinner as compared to the skin on the rest of your face. This means it can’t retain moisture and becomes dry really quick. Also, the weather changes, aging, harsh skin care products are the other factors which lead to dryness, itchiness around eyes.

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A few tips to help nourish and care for your eye area.
· Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate- Trust me, your doctor is not kidding when he asks you to intake 3-4 liters of water a day. He really means it. Proper hydration is essential for a healthy body and glowing skin. Supercharge your diet and including antioxidant rich foods will also aid in doing away with the dryness around the eyes.

· Reduce stress to your skin- Sometimes we don’t even realize how much harm we are doing to our skin, especially the sensitive under-eye area by taking stress. Avoid rubbing beneath your eyes and using very hot water on your face. Using humidifier also helps in boosting your skin with moisture.

· Under eye creams- Invest in a good eye cream which is formulated with ingredients suited for the delicate skin around the eyes. For dry skin around eyes, we recommend Eyecojic under cream which is rich in Vitamin E and Kojic acid. Our under-eye cream possesses not only the essential vitamins that reduces dryness around the eyes but also has anti-aging properties. Eyecojic under eye cream leaves impact within 7-10 days if used diligently.

· Follow a proper skin care routine- Practicing a consistent day and night skin care routine can save your skin from many skin snags. Using mild and cruelty free products makes a huge transformation to your skin. Also, removing makeup before sleeping will help your skin breathe.
Be it a hot summer day or a chilly weather, we want your skin to thank you for giving attention that it deserves because we all agree that dry skin is no fun to deal with.

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