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Weddings are one of the happiest and purest form of celebrations. Fun, Frolic, Family, Friends and of course a few tears.

A nuptial involves lots of endless preparations which can be tremendously tiresome. To keep your eyes healthy and bright for the big day, we have some tips to help you say ‘I do’ with confidence and content while looking your best.

As the big day approaches, the immediate family members, the bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride and groom, and groom often find themselves sleep deprived. Too much anxiety and too little sleep make the eyes look tired, puffy and dry. Those bags under your eyes are a tell-tale that you did not get adequate amount of sleep before the big day.

Late night wedding functions and rituals take a toll on your eyes and under eyes. No matter how gorgeous your dress is or how handsome you look in a tuxedo, those bloodshot, puffy and baggy under eyes doesn’t go with your ravishing look.
· instant way to battle symptoms of tired and baggy eyes is to use cold compresses like cucumber slices, cotton soaked in rose water.
· Ensure to consume lots of fluids to keep yourself hydrated as the under-eye area requires lots of water intake.
· beauty experts recommend to keep handy and use an effective under-eye cream which is packed with the required vitamins to ease puffiness around your eyes and give you a fresh and rejuvenated look.
If you don’t want your eyes to leave a bad impression on your significant day, then use OLS EYECOJIC UNDER-EYE CREAM diligently for immediate relief from baggy eyes. It not only provides moisture to your delicate under-eye area but also eliminates wrinkles and fine lines which in turn makes you and your eyes look beautiful. The prefect blend of Vitamin E and Kojic acid present in Eyecojic under-eye cream is just right to lighten and brighten your under-eye area.
Do you have any wedding season tips to keep your eyes and under-eyes bright and beautiful?
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